RC30 - the (almost?) Unattainable

1 After a dashing slip-up on the Nurburgring Nordschleife in the rain and a broken collarbone was almost clear, I must have a second bike - a bike which is first not to be seen on each every day as the Katana and second something with a much better chassis and third I've dreamed of since 1989:
the Honda RC30. The search for a genuine, not modified or raced original VFR750R was long and tedious - but successful in the end. In September 2002 I had found it in Augsburg. Absolutely original, third hand, as fit as a fiddle, 89er model without head-troubles (valve-seats), at a reasonable price.
In 2003, I could not stand to modify some minors....
So it rolls on the 3.5´´-front-wheel comes from a PC31 with Metzteler Sportec M-1, got good brake pads (the pre-owner has ridden this bike with Ferodo organic-pads... absolutely blunt), a Moriwaki-4-1-race exhaust (which had to be rewelded, because usually the side-stand-bracket must be removed and this is impossible, of course!) and then it had to get the small Japanese
rear winkers.

2 Thermostat and gas valve diaphragm are disassembled.
A lower kit-cooler I have found in a well-known Internet auction house at low cost. In conjunction with the lower fairing cut-out it works amazing: Even with speedy ride on the airfield circuit on Usedom the temperature does not exceed more than 75 ° Celsius.

3A deep-sump is still on my wish list. On trackdays, an aftermarket fairing is fitted, of course.

Season 2004 – The replica of the HRC air guide with all necessary attachments has been manufactured and installed.

Rear-wheel Conversion

Season 2005 – nother project is taking shape. Since the 18´´-rear wheel is opposed to modern tires (except the Dunlop D208, there is nothing and the old ME1 is no longer available), I had plenty of ideas how and where I can get a 5.5 x17" from. The trick with the 6´´-rim of the RC45 I do not like, because at this conversion the rim must be mounted with a right-hand-offset - then the rear wheel does not exactly follow the front wheel anymore. The same problem arises with any 6" wheel.
PVM supplies a 5.5x17, but only as a 5-spoke wheel or 20-spoke forged-rim, the prices are always between 1500 and 2000 EUR. Too much to me .. . and the "classic" 3-spoked wheel can´t be supplied anymore. Visually I like the Ducati-916-Brembo rim - and after a few measurements I stated the rim can be fitted.

The RC30´s distance from the left side of the rim to the inner surface is 2mm less than at the Ducati rim. So I have set a 2mm-distance-plate underneath the pins:

4However, is is necessary to disassemble the axle for loosening the 4 screws of the pins.

Interestingly, the pins fit exactly into the Ducati-rim - from all dimensions also by the bolt-circle. Obvouisly, after the expiry of the Honda-ELF-patents, the Italians had some closer looks to the RC30 mono-arm-swing when constructing their 916... :)

5The rims´hole had just to be enlarged - and now it fits to the RC30-axle absolutely accurate.
Here are the reworked rim already powdercoated white.

bildNow, the new wheel can be fitted perfectly. Since the diameter of the rear wheel has massively reduced to the original 18-inch-part, now the use of a ride-height-adjuster is required.
Here is a complete kit, milled from aluminium:

6After assembling, the whole thing now looks like this:

7A classic look combined with an actual tire - proper.
For the "optical correctness", I have fitted a 3.5x17´´-front-rim out of a VTR1000F, which adapts easily and also is 3-spoked::

8And again as the overall view:
In a Nurburgring-Nordschleife-track-day, the concept was extensively tested with scratching pegs and found to be good! Tires Metzeler Sportec M-1 in sizes 120/70ZR17 and 180/55ZR17

Season 2006 – secure riding.

SchwingenschonerBased on a customers request, I built a swing-arm-cover from carbon:

Season 2007
– due to increased number of track-days, I added some further modifications: HRC-deep-sump, HRC-exhaust-kit, HRC-upper-cooler and Brembo-Iron-cast brake-discs. Simultaneous, a second fairing set has been painted to silver (the genuine fairing I have stored cotton padded).
After test ride
During conversion

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