GSX1100S Katana - die eternal

KatanaThe Suzuki Katana GSX1100S I purchased in 1990 with 40,000 kilometers on it in Ingolstadt (southern Germany). The state was already curious: Frame, lower fork tubes, wheels, brakes and swingarm were painted blue, the body was yellow, had a Gimbel-Bugspoiler (a shapeless giant tub), Michelin Tire M48 and A48 on it and a excessive performance-eating Laser 4-1 exhaust. But here the price was ok, and in the early 90´s Katanas were overpriced. Over the next year, the bike got a new paint-job (genuine Suzuki 13L bright silber metallic), the frame has been powder-coated and a Termignoni exhaust system fitted. Now, I could dare to go on the street.

The mid-90s, I built a new engine, with a new original crankshaft and a new head. These parts are no longer affordable - but in 1994 the head only costs DM 1400 (EUR 700). For this, I could not set a used head with 16 new valve-guides... The new head has been ported. In the barrels I placed 2mm OS JE Pistons, and then I had some expensive experiments with mega-cycle camshafts. Today I have fitted the Italian GSX1100EF-cams - it works flawlessly and gives good midrange torque. Since 1997, carbs are Mikuni RS36 flat-sides - to my mind there is no alternative. Thus the concept is stable and works everyday now more than 80,000 km. I have ridden it on a dyno: 116 Nm at 6300 rpm are convincing.

In 2001, the chassis has been modified. Since I wanted to keep the original fork with the original offset (with a GSX-R fork, the handlebars would be set back too much), I had to construct many parts on my own. The front PVM-rim 2.5 x18" comes from an unknown bike - but the brake-discs fit from a FZR1000 also many Brembo. However, there was no speedometer drive planned. Therefore, the wheel and seat have been milled deeper with grooves for the speedo-drive. On that occasion, the diameter of the axle has been enlarged to 17mm (stock is 15mm). The original distances and the speedometer drive have been rebored to the new 17mm-axle. This new axle was formally a rear axle of a CBX650E. The brake calipers are CBR600 PC31 and the adapters are self-made. At the rear end, I have a mounted a set of Öhlins, fully adjustable. These shocks are absolutely outstanding. Due to the endless options it does not leave desires open. The PVM rear-wheel 3.5 x18" with the deliberately small 140 tire came from a Katana - there was nothing special to do. Currently I have Metzeler LaserTec on the bike.

Until today I have more than 160,000 km on this bike, several times in the Pyrenees, Alps, up and down - I think we were on any navigable Alpine-pass, Also often and quickly, we were on the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

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