On offer: the complete air-duct-Kit for Honda RC30 VFR750R!

Consisting of the listed and shown components.

All parts are after-market - no original HRC parts. But they correspond to the original parts in form, function and appearance. Only the scoop is made from thin glass-fiber.

GFKCarburator-scoop/air-duct made of two layers of GRP.

KabelLonger ingnition-leads: blue caps, blue silicon-leads with blue shrink hose.

HalterStay for front-coil (to be mounted on the clutch cover), laser cut from stainless steel, and screw kit w/ heat-protecting-washers (genuine Honda).

KabelsatzPrimary cable set (extension, to be solded), with hose and shrink hoses.


KühlerTo attach the kit, it is necessary to use the HRC upper cooler OR the standart-cooler must be modified regarding the HRC set up manual:

Here some further images of the mounting: 

VergaserThe carbs with the scoop. Choke cable and idle adjuster to be set to the correct holes. The throttle cable B (closer) must be installed before the carbs are set on the engine. The cable A (opener) will be installed later. Align the insulator bands in that way so you can reach them later.

ZündspuleThe ignition coil for the front cylinder with extended cables (still prototype with black cables). The coil will be attached with original bolts and nuts supplied to the bracket. For mounting it to the clutch cover, longer screws are supplied..

The ignition cables should be fitted with a small clamp (not included) so they will not touch the running fan. If necessary (as shown here) drill a hole to the shell and set the gas tank vent hose.

ObenLook from above to the fitted carbs and cables. The genuine frame cover is set off.

KühlerThe air-duct is mounted on the cooler. Depending on the use on the racetrack or on the road the steering limit must be bordered or the scoop must be cut (contact with the lower fork bridge).
When rebuilding ALWAYS refer to the HRC-SET-UP MANUAL. You can download here at Geoff Infield:

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